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Mataw-Guro Academy

     Conscious of the need of developing enthusiasm, interest and dedication in the field of Filipino Martial Arts Education, and in order to act as guardians of the noble and beneficial aims of Arnis de Mano and compelled by our desire to establish an Academy which shall be the rallying point of all teachers of Arnis de Mano as a Filipino Martial Arts Education, the Mataw-Guro's hereby mutually agree to unite and associate ourselves for such a purpose.

The Mataw-Guro Academy was formed to merge the different styles and systems in America to design, established and approve a basic fundamental for teaching Filipino martial arts Education, specially Arnis de Mano to be presented to the Philippine Government, Sports and Education Commission, as the Mataw-Guro Academy contribution to the Arnis de Mano development, grassroots, schools, Colleges and Universities Physical Education Programs. It is the only Asssociation that can accredite and evaluate the Filipino martial arts based on the four classical or traditional systems common to all the different major styles in the Philippines.

Mataw-Guro Academy, is the second part after the creation of the Mataw-Guro Association.

To join the Mataw-Guro Academy, you must learn to teach the Mataw-Guro Academy Filipino Martial Artd Education Programs. Programs are categorized into Levels one, two and three.

Those who want to take the requirements can see the members of the faculty in their respective areas or wait for the next gathering. That will have the accredited two days level one and two programs to qualify those who want to take it for a position as faculty.

Punong Mataw-Guro Lou Lledo, CEO is offering Level 1, 2, and 3 to those who want to take the courses at the Wing Chun School where he teaches or one on one at his home. - Contact:

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