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Mataw-Guro Association

     On February 12, 2010, the Mataw-guro Association was formally established, composed of the 17 Founding members and 2 posthumous members. On March 6, 2010 at the Joy Tsin Lau Restaurant, 1026-2B Race St., Philadelphia, PA., where the United Fellowship of Martial Artists was holding their first Hall of Fame Banquet. With the cooperation of Dr. John Lee the head of the United Fellowship of Martial Artists, Punong Mataw-Guro Louelle Lledo was able to commence forming a foundation for his dream of uniting the teachers of the Filipino martial arts.
     In this a category for the main body of Mataw-Guro-s (Master Teachers) was formed and recognized.
Award of Excellence, for the Propagation and Development of Filipino Martial Arts Education in the USA.

To note again in the Mataw-Guro Association the practitioners are designated with the same title, and the reason is that all are equal in the development of the Mataw-Guro Association which the Association will (once fully established) be comprised of Filipino martial arts practitioners that can properly teach the ABC’s (basics) of the Filipino martial arts.

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About the Mataw-Guro Academy

     The need for a term to convey the meaning of a high standard teacher of the martial arts in the academe environment became necessary. The term Mata-Guro, coined from Mataas na guro was suggested. But the word did not have the “ring” or the “backbone” required. The term was later changed to Mataw, which was coined from mataas ang tanaw (high standard). Thereafter, the term Mataw-Guro or teacher of high standard came about. When Zack Taco, who was born and grew up in Maguindanao, heard the word from Louelle Lledo, Zack confirmed that elders in his hometown always referred to people who are knowledgeable as Mataw. The title Mataw-Guro (knowledgeable teacher or master teacher) thereafter was chosen as the rank of the highest level in the academe.
     With the title and the need to form an association of educators agreed upon, it became imperative to set down the qualifications and requirements to be a qualified Staff Member.

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